2021: Make CBDC accessible

We started in 2016 with this topic and this website, inspired then by the financial crisis and the movement to tranfer to a complete new system, with money creation only by the CB and for the banks an important role in savings aand credits. In between the banking world is much more open for the idea to take drastic steps in this respect. Most concrete is the option to give all economic actors access to base money. That interferes with the current business model of the commercial banks. The proposals are therefore hesitating, leading to ambiguous systems. We argue here that it is wise to stop hesitation now and design a really new financial and monetary system. This is eloborated in the two working papers available here. One on the description of the system itself:

“A new digital currency system”, https://www.robuustgeld.nl/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/new-digital-currency-final-schoon.pdf

and one on monetary polcy:

“Design of a rule based monetary policy in a Central Bank Digital Currency System”, https://www.robuustgeld.nl/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/MonetaryPolicy-final-schoon.pdf

Both papers have been published in between in a special issue of CEREM (https://www.cerem-review.eu/vol-5-no-4-december-2021/).